Casio EQW-T630YDB-1A light energy wave to start

Summer to wear short - sleeved wrist bare, the original is not outstanding temperament more and more bleak, so, i need a watch. Mind course: the budget is about 1000 (the economic base determines the superstructure), mechanical watch more trouble, light dynamic sound quite tall, and do not change the battery, very consistent with the lazy habits, is it. Aunt on and over and over again a few days later, the fancy of several, as follows: 1, Casio Poseidon T2600B, really took a fancy to the value of the goods of this color, but since the purse refused, had pass; 2, Citizen small blue pin AO9000-06B, very literary, thousands of blocks in line with the budget, that is, summer bar belt uncomfortable, there is a very thick dial to see, not too Italian also pass; 3, Casio LIW-M610TDS-1AJF six Bureau of light replica watches , this is mainly read a value of the Friends of the article, the function is very full, the following value of the Friends of the comments also regret buying Poseidon CASIO CASIO Casio EQW-T630YDB-1A light energy radio start # # first visit to the value of friends and friends on the soul of the exchange - remember the value of the purchase Casio Casio LIW-M610TDS-1AJF six Bureau of light watches have always been water long grass Casio's 3500T, helpless in the bag shy, plus some of my 240T and it conflicts, until Zhang opened up a spare area Aunt, so that the majority of the value of the Friends of the exchange of availability, transfer chop hand merchandise, the first time I know this Casio 610TDS Table. Previous memories, CasioLINEAGE series of watches are low-end quartz watches, nothing special, the fact is also true, Jingdong search Lstar123456 | Like 33 Comments 98 Favorites 181 View Details 4, Citizen blue angel, this watch is very popular in the aunt, no need to repeat; Casio's 1500, titanium chain sapphire crystal, are a little over budget, the blue angel dial is too complicated, Casio's dial is simple but the titanium alloy, titanium, titanium, sapphire crystal, The chain is said to be very easy to spend, so still want the chain of stainless steel, sapphire mirror; this time to find the protagonist of this article EQW-T630YDB-1A, simple 3D dial, stainless steel chain, sapphire mirror, looks very aesthetic, but Partial expensive, it has two twin brothers, a silver is a little cheaper, a little more expensive black. CASIO Casio EQW-T630YDB-1A light energy wave start [UNPROFOR] Casio (CASIO) male watch solar radio movement pointer men's watches EQW-T630YDB-1A2188 元 Jingdong direct link Think of is the radio, the core technology so expensive, but frankly I do not go abroad should not be used is not great, Quartz watch itself travel time on the rolex replica prospective, no need to 30 million years of error 1 second fee so much money, so in Casio of this family is not looking for radio waves but the kinetic energy, and really find a: CASIO Casio EQW-T630YDB-1A light energy wave start Casio (CASIO) watch EDIFICE series EFR-303 world time map design business casual waterproof men watch black face EFR-303D-1A939 yuan Jingdong direct link This is also a very good look, but a look at the dial is 48 diameter, my small wrist is afraid to hold hold, too bad, the other way is really did not find good-looking, and had to return to the above that section of radio waves , A cruel heart of a bite of a stamping foot of a white bar, sub-12 won an interest-free; When the world single, the next morning to the Dalian sent to Zhejiang, unpacked photos did not shoot, to get the photos to two: Dial is my favorite part, simple and strong three-dimensional sense, the blue circle is the world time, you can choose more than 20 cities, is the dial edge of the city circle; The following is uk replica watches a 24-hour time, the left side of the sub-dial is a week and summer time and a variety of modes of instruction; mirror sapphire is indeed very transparent, manual can be adjusted to the 2099 calendar; Luminous effect is very general, the phone can not shoot the results at night, no map of the. Overall very satisfied, I have not seen Poseidon kind, so the color of the value has been relatively satisfied. Use up to look at the instructions, high technology content, world time, stopwatch, countdown, alarm, the current wave has not been successful, slightly regret, do not want to get up at night to close.